Thomas Henry

Thomas Henry

Thomas Henry

Mature, bitter, sharp and intense: that is how a Thomas Henry is supposed to taste!

Thomas Henry?
He was a pharmacist, a visionary and a gentleman. To the very roots of his being. The one serving the world this way is the perfect name giver to the even more perfect selection of soft drinks. The first full glasses of Thomas Henry were served to experienced bartenders. Refined together with them, carefully, sip by sip. And then drunk up.

Thomas Henry stands for the best ingredients and a unique composition. More enjoyment for the final touch. Straight or in traditional long drink. Because a good gin or an excellent vodka do not deserve an average filler. Our products are mature and have intense flavour and they look damn good- just as gentlemen should.

The Refreshment Pioneers
Wanted: more passion. Thomas Henry stepped up in 2010 to put an end to the boredom of taste. Tonic water, bitter lemon and ginger ale left much to be desired on the palate, and very few people knew what a good ginger beer was like. Any alternative? Do it yourself! The goal? Excellent companions for equally excellent drinks, for those who cannot content with mediocrity. The product range has been complemented by Soda Water created in the spirit of the inventor: fresh in taste, clear in look and with Elderflower Tonic, the Tonic with flowery twist. Six varieties, at least thousands of possibilities. Because the Thomas Henry family inspires not only long drink connoisseurs, but also those in favor of non-alcoholic beverages.

The best selected ingredients distinguish the delicious and unique taste of Thomas Henry. Spicy at times, sometimes bitter, always intense and mature. This is how Thomas Henry should taste. And this is how good taste should look: elegant 0.2l returnable bottles invite all long drink companions to discover their very own favorites. A high-five to the five stars of Thomas Henry.

Tonic Water – Grown-up and Bitter

  • Refreshing & pleasant in taste
  • Typical Thomas Henry “Bitterness”
  • Tastes intense & mature
  • Extract of the cinchona bark, quinine gives TH the individual character

Bitter Lemon – Bitter, but Truthfull

  • A refreshing delight with lots of taste
  •  Quinine gives TH its special character

Ginger Ale – More Ginger, more Ale

  • Deep, aromatic experience of flavors in its Ginger Ale

Ginger Beer – With its own sharpness

  • Currently very fashionable
  • Intense in flavor with a refreshingly spicy finish
  • Shaper & richer ginger taste than Ginger Ale

Elderflower Tonic – Blossoms in Harmony

  • Currently on everyone’s lips – whether as a syrup, liqueur, in cocktails or in champagne
  • Perfect partner for vodka or gin
  • The floral note harmonizes excellently with juniper notes

Soda Water – Classic Clear

  • Thomas Henry Soda Water complements the range
  • Fresh and Clear

Cherry Blossom – Paying tribute to the cherry blossom season

  • Our Tonic Water meets the floral fruitiness of the cherry
  • A symphony of mild sweetness and gently refreshing bitterness
  • Nice twist for the classic gin & tonic and other drinks

Last updated Feb 21 2018