It is possible to visit the Website without revealing the identity or other personal information.
Nonetheless, before entering the "Brands" section of the Website, you are kindly asked to verify the legal age for consumption of alcoholic beverages in the country in which you are located, in order to avoid that individuals who are banned from consuming alcoholic beverages may have access to the information included in the Website.
You may be requested to provide your name or personal data solely for the purposes of both providing the information you may eventually request and allowing you to participate to one of our competitions.
The "Brands" section of the Website is not aimed at minors who are banned from having access to the same. Gruppo Campari shall not collect information from minors, regardless of the consent of their own parents or tutors; therefore,Gruppo Campari shall not provide minors with any information whatsoever.
Gruppo Campari shall in no way send unwanted e-mails (the so-called "SPAM").
Pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 on personal data protection, we inform you that Gruppo Campari shall be that to use any personal data sent to the Website.
Please note that any sent data may be sent to Gruppo Campari's related or controlled companies or to third parties who may need to take cognisance of your personal data or which may be necessary for the carrying out of Gruppo Campari's activity or of that of its controlled or related companies or of its own contractual counterparties. Communication of the said data shall be aimed at granting the continuity of the products and of the services offered by Gruppo Campari as well as at the monitoring of the correct operation of the Website.
In any case, any and all use shall occur in such a way as to guarantee security and confidentiality. Pursuant to section 7 of the aforesaid Italian Decree 196/2003, you may freely have access to your data in order to update, amend and/or integrate the same or to simply object to the use for the specified purposes, by way of contacting Gruppo Campari (

Last updated Oct 12 2016